Foundations of Blockchain

Neural Networks Course

Policy for Privacy Technology


Arxiv Crawler

I wanted to applied to academic programs, but didn’t know a lot about what different academics do, and who is related to whom. So I wrote a basic crawler to scrape arxiv and interactively visualize related authors. Here is the github link.

One view of authors who are closely related to Alexandra Chouldechova (edges are co-authored papers, nodes are authors)


Raspberry PI IOT : smart home project

To truly embrace living in NYC, I rented an apartment where my room did not have a window. I quickly realized that I hated this (obviously), and in order to cope, I made my Raspberry Pi control my sound and lights system to mimic the sun. Here is the github link.


Semantics Review paper

For a graduate course Semantics course (with professor Anna Szabolsci) I wrote a review paper of the use of Natural Logic in Natural Language Inference (NLI). Here’s my review paper and my presentation.

Physics Simulations:

As part of my physics education, I would regularly make CS simulations of physics problems, some of which can be found on my github.

note: energy is in fact conserved